RLG305H1 Study Guide - David Freedberg, Bruno Latour, Karl Lagerfeld

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15 Nov 2011

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Material religion mid-term review notes: october 18th 2011. Implicit to explicit implicit: the implied meaning, not expressed explicit: the apparent meaning, fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated meaning. How to study materiality: relation between forms of materiality, words vs action, interconnected with lifestyles, what you say vs. what you do. Abhorrence (repulsion) of materiality religion vs the material: materials as distractions. Material and belief (not vs belief) central notion of belief faith moving inward belief that (propositional belief), belief in (trust in), implies another. How do the different types of viewing effect the viewer and their response to the image seeing: response and reception. Reidnhard bonnke, evangelist who converted millions of africans to x-tainity, image/sweeping pans of massive african american crowds model visual ideology. Juxtaposition of many to few, allows for one to relate to the individual and their experience, have one of their own. Branding of this image, to sell their beliefs, reputation, ability to mobilize resources.

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