Religion 241 Midterm

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20 Apr 2012

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Religion 241 Exam Review
Question 4:
Secrecy and misunderstanding are important aspects of Mark’s Gospel. Give some instances of both
secrecy and misunderstanding and explain how they function in Mark’s gospel.
-secrecy and misunderstanding function in relation to Jesus being the Messiah
- This is because Jesus death is a result of misunderstanding and secrecy.
-This misunderstanding partly arises from the fact that Jesus is very secretive when he performs his
-Possible that he wants this secrecy because he knows that he has to die in order to be the Messiah
Being the Messiah involves 2 things
1) Performing miracles
2) Suffering
-Jesus keeps his performance of miracles a secret (1:34/1:44) when he fights of demons
-also does this in 3:10-3:12 when he cures the sick
-Jesus is secretive because he knows that he has to suffer (14:31) (14:34)
-also does this because his followers don’t understand why he has to suffer in order to be the Messiah
-other people misunderstand Jesus too, and this misunderstanding results in conflict
-this misunderstanding and conflict is necessary because it leads to Jesus death
Mark 3:4-6
-Jesus silences the Pharisees in the temple, and they do not understanding who he truly is so they plan
to kill him.
-this is necessary because Jesus has to die in order to be the Messiah
- Jesus faces opposition because they don’t truly know what he can do as result of his secrecy. But
possible Jesus wants secrecy because he knows that he has to die/suffer in order to be the Messiah.
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