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th Sep  24     Review  Questions:   1.   The   bank   of   Canada   attempts   to   stabilize   inflation,   with   a   goal   of   2%   per   annum.  What  set  of  policies  does  the  bank  of  Canada  use  most:   a) Social  policy:  limited   b) Tax  incentives:  through  federal  government   c) Fiscal  policy:  through  federal  government   d) Monetary  policy   e) Both  b  and  c     2.  Which  of  the  following  has  evolved  into  the  World  Trade  Organization?   a)  United  Nations  trade  council   b)  General  Agreement  on  Tariffs  and  Trade   c)  United  Nations  economic  council   d)  European  Union   e)  European  Economic  Union       Question  (Session  3):   1.  A  company  removes  a  profitable  product  from  the  market  because  it  may  be   dangerous,  the  company  is  demonstrating:     a) Ethical  behavior   b) Green  marketing   c) Conflict  of  interest   d) Social  welfare   e) Maximizing  shareholder  value     2.  Which  of  the  following  would  be  LEAST  likely  to  be  a  factor  in  evaluating  a   firm’s  social  performance?   a) Providing  a  safe,  healthy  workplace   b) Respecting  the  cultural  diversity  of  employees   c) Holding  company-­‐sponsored  social  events   d) Producing  safe,  high-­‐quality  products     3.  Mica  learns  that  her  company  is  secretly  dumping  untreated  waste  into  the   city  sewer  systems,  and  she  informs  the  local  EPA  office.  All  of  the  following   describe  Mica’s  ethical  situation  EXCEPT:   a)     She  is  acting  as  a  whistle-­‐blower   b)     She  has  a  conflict  of  interest   c)     She  is  acting  with  integrity   d)     She  is  showing  loyalty       th Oct  8     Review  Questions:   1. All  of  the  following  are  contributions  of  a  small  business  EXCEPT:   a) They  provide  more  job  security  than  large  corporations   b) They  fuel  local  economies   c) They  produce  needed  services  to  the  larger  corporate  community   d) They  create  a  substantial  number  of  new  jobs     2. Corporations  have  all  of  the  following  advantages  EXCEPT_____.   a) Favorable  tax  treatment   b) Limited  liability   c) Expanded  financial  capacity   d) Unlimited  life         th Oct  15     Review  Questions:   1. Canada’s   comparative   advantage   in   softwood   lumber   creates   wealth   for   American  because   A) Private  landowners  demand  high  prices  (true,  but  it  destroys  wealth)   B) Canadian  sawmill  get  additional  revenue  (true,  but  not  a  good  answer)   C) Builders  pass  on  cost  savings  to  consumers   D) A  and  b   E) None  of  above     2.   The  NAFTA  led  to  a  rapid  increase  in  t
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