RSM100 Final Exam Study Guide Pt.2

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University of Toronto St. George
Rotman Commerce
Michael Szlachta

91. Among managerial styles, managers generally request input from subordinates before making decisions but retain final decision-making power in a(n) _________ . a. Cooperative style b. Democratic style c. Autocratic style d. Free-rein style e. Participative style 92. Canadian managers differ from American managers in all of the following ways except: a. They are more concerned with the historical background of subordinates. b. They are more subtle and subdued. c. They seem more committed to their companies. d. They are more open to different cultures. e. They are less willing to follow the latest management fad. www.notesolution.com93. An approach to managerial style holding that the appropriate behavior in any situation is dependent on the elements unique to that situation is known as the ______________. a. Dependency approach b. Situational approach c. Conditional approach d. Contingency approach e. Variable approach 94.7429K0249L;,9L43,O8L094,8025O4008Z,3970Z,788:.K,8,OO419K0 following except: a. Flexible working hours b. Casual dress c. Unlimited internet access d. Opportunities to telecommute e. Profit-sharing 95.0,0782:89,459,***********2039,OL97,9K079K,3,KL07,7.KL.,O430 a. Individual b. Dispersed c. Network d. Connected e. Empowered 96.______________ are production activities that yield tangible products. a. Tangible operations b. Service operations c. Goods production d. Goods operation e. Operations processes 97.Due to the growth of global operations, the smoke, grease, and danger have been replaced in many companies by _____________. a. Higher technology b. Faster workers c. More service representatives d. SAP systems e. Synthetic processes
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