RSM100 Final Exam Study Guide Pt.3

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Rotman Commerce
Michael Szlachta

181. __________ is the idea that the whole firm is directed toward serving present and potential customers at a profit. a. Marketing b. Marketing concept c. Utility d. Value e. Service concept 182. The four activities involved in the marketing mix are: a. Product, production, promotion, place b. Price, product, power of consumer, place c. Product, promotion, price, progress d. Product, packaging, price, place e. Product, price, promotion, place 183. The ratio for value in marketing terms is: a. Costs over benefits b. Price over benefits c. Benefits over costs d. Benefits over price e. Average benefits over average costs www.notesolution.com184. All of the following are types of utility marketing provides except: a. Cost utility b. Time utility c. Ownership utility d. Form utility e. Place utility 185. In marketing, surgical instruments and earthmovers are examples of ________________. a. Equipment b. Consumer goods c. Intangible goods d. Industrial products e. Industrial goods 186. Banks that offer economic incentives to entice customers to commit long-term are using _____________. a. Market segmentation b. Product-use variables c. Market research d. Relationship marketing e. Psychological influences 187. To gain public support for products and activities, marketers use advertising campaigns for public awareness on issues of local, regional, or national importance. This is an example of marketing in the _________________. a. Social and cultural environment b. Political and legal environment c. Technological environment d. Public relations environment e. Economic environment
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