Midterm detailed note! can use as Note/CheatSheet!!

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Rotman Commerce
Katherine A.De Celles

iizatinstishing co11non goals drough group cffortinvcntions for accOmp vOB is aboutl understanding pcoplc and managing thcm tovork coctivcly2 concerning with how organizations can sve and adoptto change3 concCrning witll how to get pcople to practe cffcctive tcalllworkcsb be more cffcvrc cnsti J5nding oLlt eemal factors affccting orgzatiorganaticnaI Behiourattudesbchooof illdividuand groumorganizons Ianagementthe aof gctting things accOmplishcd in orgtllrough othersanagcrs acquirea11oGatcand utize physical and HR to accOmpsh goalsriptio11snceminmancmcntEarlv uClassicaI View1900Carly prcscription on management tllat advocatcdaliZoflabour2intcnsive coordinationand Gcntrazcd dccision lnakingmCllt was to tcnd tosoirswith celltraled dcoon makrhg f1om uppmallagcmelltToamaintain cOntrolthcy behcve to havc fairly fcwvorkersdb dmngCstruoturc ofto dCtCmir1c opurnum dcgrd speoiondliIlrngTsuppo1ted dcvclopmcnt oftien instruCtionsclcarly dcflningvork proccduresvorkercncOuFagcd supcrvisors to standardizes movcmcnt and brcak for rnaximun1efflciencysuppO1tcdsupervisorsanshipv9uld speciahnctional forcze in particukr function egtrainingdimfr1iFln teChn1caI cClIllhufTtliltance on for1nal authorityntake advantagc ofcrcativc ideas and istrong centralization and refail to leam mistakcstheatcns imovationowlcdgc oflowcrlevel emp1oyeescloser to ct1stomcrsOresistant to changeIi1
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