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30 May 2014

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University of toronto - rotman school of management. Rsm220 midterm (110 minutes) thursday, february 13, 2014. If you need additional space, use the back of the page facing the question and clearly identify the question being answered. However, papers written in pencil or papers with white outs will not be re-marked. Your invigilator will not clarify any questions for you during the test. You may make any assumptions you believe are needed to answer a question. However, you only receive marks for the answer if the assumptions you made are indeed needed for the question. Make sure you show all calculations for full marks. Required: please answer the following questions by choosing (clearly circling) the best answer (2 marks each). 6. working capital is: capital which has been reinvested in the business, unappropriated retained earnings, cash and receivables less current liabilities, none of these.