RSM225H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Oppression Remedy, Board Of Directors, Fiduciary

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16 Feb 2016

Document Summary

Rsm 225 fall 2014 - midterm general guide this is not intended to be a sample response but rather a general guide to issues that could be identified and discussed. Ut has recently added a corporate governance course to its executive program. The course is intended to help individuals that will be taking on the role of a corporate director, bankers that lend to corporations, and others better understand how corporations are directed and controlled. The course is taught using a series of simulated situations (simulations). The individual that was hired to prepare some of the course material has written some simulations, but due to a family emergency has had to leave. You, bea calm, have now been hired on a part time basis to prepare a solution guide for simulation one. Your instructions are to identify legal issues; provide a detailed legal analysis of the issues, with relevant conclusions, and where appropriate provide practical advice to avoid those issues.