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Platform on how we engage in certain forms of financial activities. Connecting borrowers and lenders: how that happens, what are the mechanisms, how co-ordination happens. Started where people give up to their kings: low incentives for people to work. Temple bank: deposit surplus (people get paid for the surplus) For companies, wealth is considered equity, net worth. trillion assets in the worth divided by 7 billion people = /person (average wealth of humanity) In canada, there is around trillion of wealth, 35 million citizens, average wealth is around k/ person. How is canada well off, institutions unlock the extra resources. Design our institution for non-financial people to use it. Skim the savings from commoners to pool a fund to help large projects that create value for the country. Individuals in canada own most of the wealth, 75% of canada"s debt is owed to the canadians (largely self-financed)

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