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RSM Tutorial Practice Questions
Canadian Can CO. Is setting up a policy to be truly socially responsible. The first step is
a.Appoint a director of CCCs social agenda
b.Management team develops strategic plan for social responsibility
c.CEO supports SCR at CCC
Whistleblowers are most often:
b.Help up as positive examples by management
c.Encouraged to tell their stories to the board of directors
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of charistmatic leadership?
a.Energize subordinates
b.Potential autocratic style
c.Engender high commitment
d.Clear and compelling vision
e.Fosters emotional excitement
Which of the following is true about mediation?
a.Problems are solved very quickly
b.Disputants are more committed to the solution than to an arbitrated
c.Disputant have no opportunity to voice their side of the story
*Effective teams do not appoint a leader.
Teams share information when
a.They experience groupthink (everyone emerges in the team opinion)
b.A powerful leader goes on the record with their opinion
c.They avoid all types of conflict
e.Discount the value of their own information
f. None of the above
*Traditional sources of competitive advantage include:
a.Financial resources
b.Blue ocean strategy (new)
c. Integrative thinking (new)
d.Economies of scale
e.All of the above
f. A and D only
Congruence consists of fit between:
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