RSM100Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fide, Model Theory, Charismatic Authority

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15 Feb 2011

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Ethics individual standards or moral values regarding what is right /wrong or good/bad. Ethical behaviour conforms to individual beliefs & social norms about what is right & good. Unethical behaviour behaviour individual beliefs & social norms define as wrong & bad. Business ethics ethical / unethical behaviour by a manager or employee of an organization. Managerial ethics standards of behaviour that guide individual managers in their work. Conflict of interest occurs when an activity benefits an individual @ expense of employer. Code of ethics formal, written acknowledgement of company"s intent to do business ethically. Ethical judgement making: data gathering analysis judgement. Corporate social responsibility (csr) refers to way in which a business tries to balance commitments to organizational stakeholders. Organizational stakeholders are directly affected by the practices of an organization & \ have stake in performance. Consumerism a social movement that seeks to protect & expand the rights of consumers in their dealings with businesses.