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Rotman Commerce
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Michael Szlachta

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RSM Oct13
Case report
An individual assignment due Nov 19 at 11:59am to the commerce office
Your report must include a cover sheet (available on Blackboard/may be printed)
The guideline has the maximum of four pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 2.5cm
John will select a case and post a one page assignment, in the form of a request for
You will write to the person who asked for your advices well
Do not need bibliography
TA read and evaluates the case study
No citation
Case report instructions
1 Statement of issue/problem
You will choose one main issue
Select the one you believe is most important
The case may suggest more than one issue, but you must select one for this report
Choose an issue that you can analyze well
Your issue becomes the criterion for a successful recommendation
2 Analysis
You will explain the cause of your issue; how and why it is meaningful
Explain how action taken to date affects the current situation
Explain the current situation; how and why it affects the business
Explain why the person/people in the case now face your issue
Strong analysis always provides explanation
Strong analysis includes some evaluation
Support your claims with relevant case facts and/or course concepts(tell the
reader what you think plus how and why you think it)
Description is not analysis. Do not recite case facts for the reader. Add value by
writing your thoughts in well-crafted arguments.
3 Alternatives
Provide a simple list of alternative courses of action that would address your
Alternatives should be feasible, realistic, and must address your issue
This should be a short list (heuristic:3-5)
4 Evaluations of Alternatives
You will evaluate the merits of each of your alternatives
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