RSM100Y1 Study Guide - Accredited Investor, Estate Planning, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

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Securities markets: markets in which stocks and bonds are sold. Primary securities markets: handles the buying and selling of new stocks and bonds by firms or governments: new securities represent only a small portion of securities traded. Private placements: allows the businesses that exchange new securities to keep their plans confidential (i. e. financial info) To bring a new security to the market, the issuing corporation must obtain approval from a provincial securities commission and also needs the services of an investment banker. Investment banker: any financial institution engaged in purchasing and reselling new stocks and bonds. Secondary securities market: the sale and purchase of previously issued stocks and bonds: handled by organizations like tsx. Each company must preserve the par value and it cannot be distributed as dividends: market value: the current price of a share on the stock market; the real value of a stock. Market value reflects buyers" willingness to invest in a company.

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