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School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

12-11-13 11:26 PM LECTURE 8 Picture of earth rising rotated from original sideways picture Our view of things can be easily altered, or flipped sideways Earthrise name of picture of Apollo 8 mission, Dec 24/1968 Picture is sideways, editor rotated picture so Earth is horizontal at the bottom of the page rather than vertical on the right side, one of the most reproduced photos Why? Rotated photo may make people feel more secure. Thomas Berry, 1914-2009 Reflecting on the universe as a sort of deep connection First time the human has been the major cause in environmental change Are we going to learn to live with the land or are we going to continue to rely on technologies? How do narratives play in our environmental consciousness? Inspired David Suzuki Geologian Roman Catholic priest The Great Work, one of his books Advised US government on environmental The Universe The Universe, as contemporary science shows us, is in a process of development, and represents the primary source of revelation. The universe, the solar system, and the planet earth in themselves and in their evolutionary emergence constitute for the human community the primary revelation of ultimate mystery whence all things emerge into being. Thomas Berry and the New Cosmology, p. 107. Reflects on universe as a source of deep inter connection The New Story What is education? Education is knowing the story of the universe, how it began, how it came to be as it is, and the human role in the story. There is nothing else. We need to know the story, the universe story, in all is resonances, in all its meanings. The universe story is the divine story, the human story, the story of the trees, the story of the rivers, of the stars, the planets, everything. It is as simple as a kindergarten tale, yet as complex as all cosmology and all knowledge and all history. Thomas Berry, Befriending the Earth, p. 101. Talks about how humans effect the Earths evolution Shifting from the Cenozoic to the Ecozoic Age What is happening in our times is not just another historical transition or simply another cultural change. The devastation of the planet that we are bringing about is negating some hundreds of millions, even billions, of years of past development on the earth. This is a most momentous period of change, a change unparalleled in the four and a half billion years of earth history. Thomas Berry, Befriending the Earth, p. 4. The universe is communion of subjects, not a collection of objects. Thomas Berry Frankenstein clip, 1930s What are we doing with the natural world when we do not take into account the effect it might have on the planet or nature Early tale of Jeff Goldblums speech in Jurassic Park (i.e. we cannot interfere with nature however we see fit there are consequences) Any empathy for monster? Scientists creating imbalance Modern Times, 1936 Food sequence with feeding machine Not concerned with Charlie, just the machine People have been dehumanized and compared to livestock (as shown by the herds at the beginning of the film) With lunch invention, scientists were not concerned with how Charlie felt, or if he was comfortable with food, etc. Were concerned if machine was working well. President was not concerned with how it would affect employees, etc. Said it was impractical, not concerned with employees, production efficiency is more important Opposite of Walking Thoreau, video describes the rise of industrialization Charlie related to animals at beginning, workers are dehumanized He could not escape work, the motions of working, symbolizes how we can try to forget the world is so industrialized, but we cannot get away from it. He would rather be in jail, as he thinks it is saner than the company. Spirits of the Trees | The Peach Orchard Doll day, the dolls represent the spirit of the peace tress which are being celebrated But the trees have been cut down so the ritual has been changed Little boys parents cut down the peach trees in the orchard He cried because he loved the peach trees Dolls were initially angry with him, then they realized that he liked the peach trees and cared for them, then they allowed all the peach trees to blossom again Just a dream, boy looks around and there was only one peach tree outstanding. Love nature for its non commercial value, the boy said but peaches can be bought anywhere, the head doll responds, but where can you see peach trees in bloom? LECTURE 9 Wilmur Nadjiwon Survivor of the residential school system WWII veteran Advocate for Native rights Founding chief of Ontario Union for Indians Bit of an acting background 91 years old Ojibiway elder, carver, and former Chief of Cape Croker Reserve. Brought up as a Roman Catholic
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