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School of Environment
Martha Shaffer

Intro to Environment Technology and the Healing of the Earth – Thomas Berry Reading - Most basic human issue is the human-earth relationship - 20 century has eliminated the terror of the unknown darkness of nature by devastating nature herself - Our ultimate failure as humans is to become the instrument of degradation - The earth has become despoiled by the human presence in great urban population centers - Whereas the infrastructure of nature continually renew themselves from within, our infrastructures dissolve in the corrosive acids of the environment - We have finally achieved the capacity to determine on an extensive scale where the basic life systems of the earth will live or die - We are more aware of the larger consequences of our actions, the real price we are paying for the technological-industrial processes that presently envelop our world, but still don’t give them enough attention - Since the rise of agriculture, humans have been putting a certain stress on the natural world - The long standing civilizational problem, human-earth relationship is the most basic problem, but it’s the source of many of the inhumane problems we must resolve  this is a species problem - We must say that the extinction we are bringing about is something quite apart from these earlier extinctions and cant be judged by oversimplified comparisons - Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring helped show that chemical engineering, basic technology at this period of time, was rather deadly. Responses of this can be shown by four groups of thinkers: 1. This group is entranced with the sense of continuing progress toward a constant improvement of the human condition through our scientific industrial process. Does not seem to care about us hurting the earth; and is devoid of any appreciate of the disturbance caused by brash human intrusion into the ecosystems of nature. They mention corporate ‘culture’, ‘mythic meaning’, ‘and soul’  all of this is an effort to overcome an instinctive awareness that the corporation is the business of seducing the consumer while plundering our earth. It’s not just companies that hurt earth though, everyday people do it too. Governmental agencies are still consistently failing to enforce the regulations already enacted. The World Bank should begin such an extensive reassessment of its own project is indicative of a change in mood and wants to start looking for better ways of handling things. It pledges for activities directed toward worldwide protection of all ecosystems (rainforests to deserts). Our entire society is cause in a close cycles of production and consumption that can go on until our natural resources are destroyed and many think this way of living is fine 2. Second group focuses on critiques, some based on the humanist and social consequences of our industrial process. Socialist programs constantly give expression to a moral judgment upon the inequality in the distribution of the burdens and benefits of the industrial order 3. Those who criticize of industrial society because of its disturbance of the natural world in its most basic life systems. The ultimate source of evil is the commitment of human well being at the expensive of our natural world. Thoreau and Muir both believed that the human species was part of the larger community of life. The years since WWII marked a huge grow in chemical and agricultural industries. In 1980 the World Conservation Strategy outlined a program for development in the Third World that would be so integral with the functioning of the natural world that both could continue on a sustainable basis into the future. Humans are integral with the
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