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School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

EXAM Review for ENV Words of the day Prolixwordy Hegiraflight to escape danger or go to a better place prelapsarincharacteristic of belonging to the timestate b4 human kind recrudescencerevival return ndpenultimate 2 to last anthropomorphizeattributes of humans in nonhuman things ex animalszeitgeistoverall cultural politically What is Edu 4 SIX myths of modern edu 1 Ignorance is a solvable problem 2 With enuff tech nd knowledge we can manage the planetonly thing manageable is us our desires and needswantsreshape ourselves to fit planet NOT reshape planet to fit our desires 3 Knowledge and human goodness is increasing 4 We can restore whats been lost destroyedreferring to curriculum weve destroyed the edu curriculum over the yrs weve been told to follow certain rules but these rules isolate us from the outside world students lv school unprepared and with no real knowledge 5 To give students the means for upward mobility and success world doesnt need more successful ppl we need peacekeepers and caregivers whats good success if u dont have a planet to be successful in1 target is money ex water shud b free yet all these companies sell waterppl buy it6 Our culture is superior SIX principles of rethinking edu1 All edu is env edu2 Goal of edu isnt to master in a subject but to master in knowning yourself and life3 Knowledge must be used well in the wolrd not kill4 We cnt say we no something till we understand its affects on real ppl5 Role models and good institutions of intergrity and enfleshed ideas6 Process is key for learning not wut u learn but how u learnReconstructionsknow how to grow foodknow how to build sheltershow to use solar energyknowledge offlora fauna soils use stranded on desert exWilderness displacement from protected areas is one of the most controversialBritish romanticism the production of wilderness as a landscape has strong connections to the thromanticism that developed in the late 18 century associated with artists writers and poets such as Coleridge Shelly Wordsworth and others
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