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School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

ENV100 – EXAM Study Guide  Jane Jacobs MULTIPLE CHOICE (20%) – 10 Q’s • environmental & city thinker / moved from NY to TO • important for cities to have dynamism integrity of natural spaces  Rachel Carson • ex. screech owls – have habitats in city bc of urban planning • wrote book: Silent Springs / published by: Houghton Mifflin • wanted to ban DDT / DDT was thought to prevent disease by polio  William Butler Yeats • book launched the American environmental movement • Irish poet / wrote “Lake Isle of Innisfree” / wishes to leave city and go to remote  David Orr  Thomas Berry • 6 Myths of Modern education / 6 Principles of Rethinking Education • priest / author of: “Christian Future and Faith of Earth” & “12 principles for • formed the Oberlin Project – vision for sustainability / effort by Oberlin city and Understanding the Universe…” College • views human immersed in community but also in universe  Rachel York-Bridgers (TA)  Elizabeth May • livestock highest greenhouse gas emission 18% / actually 51% of annual GHG • leader of Green Party / used to be director of Sierra Club in Canada emissions • venus syndrome – climate and atmospheric feedback loops turned on cant be  James Lovelock switched off / earth becomes like venus • English environmentalist / proposed Gaia hypothesis • need to reduce Meat / need plant based diets & agriculture • first to detect presence of CFCs in atmosphere / biosphere = self-regulating entity  Henry David Thoreau  Jennifer Baichwal • spent night in jail for refusing to pay poll tax • “manufactured Landscapes” / “watermark” – human relationship w/ water • wrote essay “Walking” / wrote book: “Walden” / walked though Maine woods • ex. tanneries in Bangladesh – toxic dye in river / china diverting water / Colorado • wilderness seeks out life, we tame it or only see artifices of human hand and don’t river shrinking see the origin  Danny Harvey  John Muir • global warming • from Scotland / wrote book: “A Near High View of The Sierra” / lived in San Fran • founder of Sierra Club / Father of Environmental Movement or Great Defender of  Farley Mowat Wild Places or Father of Park Service • author of “Never Cry Wold” • rebelled against industrial revolution / worked with T.Roosevelt • wandered Sierra Nevada for 4 years / wrote about Yosemite Valley / wanted to  Definitions summit Mt. Ritter • prelapsarian – place devoid of people • read as child / worked at carriage factory / pierced his cornea / • meatification – Canadians consume more animal products  Aldo Leopold • wrote book: Game Management or Sand County Almanac or What would the mountain think / • founder of Wilderness Society • Father of Environmental Ethics (Land Ethics) / attended Yale for Forestry/Env • shot a wolf = saw green fire die from her eyes / professor at UofWisconsin • wildlife management did not involve brutal eradication of species, embracing the biotic community is a step in the evolution of ethics IDENTIFICATIONS/ QUOTES (30%) – 6 Q’s • “when one tugs at single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”  Rachel Carson – Silent Spring • “The battle for conservation will go on endlessly; it is part of the universal warfare between right and wrong.” • “.. chemicals are not pesticides, but biocides.”  Aldo Leopold • “The crux, the fulcrum over which the argument chiefly rests, is that Miss Carson maintains that the balance of nature is a major force in the survival of man, whereas • “a thing is right when it maintains the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic the modern chemist, the modern biologist, the modern scientist, believes that man is community” steadily controlling nature” - Dr. Robert White Stevens (Movie clip: Silent Spring) • "There is as yet no ethic dealing with man's relation to land and to the animals and • “Now, to these people, apparently, the balance of nature was something that was plants which grown upon it. Land, like Odysseus' slave-girls, is still property. The land repealed as soon as man came on the scene, well you might just as well assume that relation is strictly economic, entailing privileges but not obligations" (Land Ethic) you could repeal the law of gravity. The balance of nature is built from a series of interrelationships between living things and their environment. Third, I hope this • “That land is a community is the basic concept of ecology, but that land is to be committee will give serious consideration to a much neglected problem, that of the loved and respected is an extension of ethics.” right of the citizen to be secured in his own home against the intrusions of poisons applied by other persons. I speak not as a lawyer, but as a biologist and as a human • "Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land." being. But I strongly feel that this is or should be one of the basic human rights.”  Thomas Berry  David Orr • “We have a choice about our future, we are either: going towards the Technozoic • “.. this is not the work of ignorant people. Rather it is largely the result of work by era, rendering our planet as a “wasteworld”, or we are moving into a Ecozoic period, people with Bas, BSs, LLBs …” developing economies and technologies that seek to work with, rather than against, the life systems of the plant and help effect a “wonderworld.”  David Henry Thoreau  Elizabeth May (Green Party) • “in wilderness is the preservation of the world.” • “Taken separately, we could be fighting over these individual items without • "Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not resolution. Taken together in a grown up conversation, they all fit together.” indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind." • “all good things are wild and free.”  John Muir • “had I been borne aloft by wings, my deliverance could not have been more complete.” • “earth is not resource to be harvested but a treasure to be preserved.” ESSAY HDT AL Focus: internal spirituality / find non- Focus: maintenance of env and (1) Aldo Leopold & Henry David Thoreau conversation.. Discussing the notion of the human meaning in a human world responsible use of resources proper role of human w/in nature, invite you to join. Record the convo and your own input, include any humorous exchanges. Can be dialogue or essay. POV: have more appreciation for POV: change NOW / must change our wilderness / not so much as to what we fundamentals to maintain our place on  H.D.Thoreau
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