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School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

Env exam review Mour de jour-zeitgeist-overall cultural politically Thomas berry is one of the foremost Christian thinkers on the relationship betwn humans and earth. A roman catholic priest and a cultural historian, he established in 1970 the riverdale center for religious research in nyc which he describes as “a place for studying the dynamic of the planet earth and the role fulfilled by human beings within the total dynamics of the universe” thru this numerous books, articles v videotapes workshops. Berry calls himself a Geologian represents an important voice concerning the urgency of our present ecological crisis and the need for a new vision or as he puts it a “new story” to help us avoid the complete shutdown of the earth’s life-systems. we r forcing the extinction of species humans are becoming selfish they leave out everything ex: medicine is primarily used for humans how about medicine for fixing the earth technologies should be helpful to the earth not destroy it  humans need to become interval with the earth humans have to know who they are and what they are doing  we need to respect the earth and universe 3 major themes 1. The universe as contemporary scn shows us is in a process of development and represents the primary source of revelation  “i consider that our new understanding of the universe is a new revelatory experience. Its not revelation in the sense that the bibles is revelation but it is nevertheless revelatory ”we have such a wonderful idea of god because we live in a gorgeous world and this magnificence leads us to adoration, we adore the creator of this beautiful world.” 2) the new story what’s EDU? Edu is knowing the story of the univers
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