ENV221 Midterm Notes (Reading Summaries)

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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Karen Ing

ENV221 Midterm Review 1Multidisciplinary problem solving by drawing from aof disciplines to define problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on new understandings of complex situations David Orr What is education fory We need to value critical thinking over theory need to understand the value y 6 Myths of education 1 Ignorance is solvablenew information will always arise 2 Knowledge and technology will manage the planet we need to shape ourselves to the world 3 Knowledge increases human goodness4 We can restore what is lost5 Purpose of education is upward mobility6 Our culture is the pinnacle of human achievementy Rethinking Education 1 Must include environmental impacts2 Need classes in the real worldoutside3 Subject presented so one can master their own personhood4 With knowledge comes responsibility to use it well5 Know the effect of knowledge 6 Learn practical things and shelter building how to grow food local wildlife Environmental Sciencey The study of how the natural world works and how we effect the environment and how it effects usy Whats scienceo How things work must be testable A process of discoveryessence in changeincreasing knowledge of the world Method observationhypothesistesting by observationo 2 sources of uncertainty variability of naturethe fact measurements have a margin of errory Condor Birds how to rehabilitate them in order to maintain the population y Limitations of Scienceo Northern Cod Fisheries 1992 Fishery science did a stock assessment population dynamicso Political decisional influence how to deal with massive unemployment loss of 40000 jobs the needed votes due to an election so they can with TAC Total allowable catch set the TAC very high brought jobs back but not very many cod anymoreo Whitehorse response to Climate Change 2002 A public report on Climate change was edited by someone who worked for an oil company to make cc sound less threateningy Challenges complexity change uncertainty direct experiments are difficult operates in a complex weby We need recognition of problems to promote critical thinking
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