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School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

INTERDISCIPLINARY ENVIRONMMENTAL STUDIES MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE INTRO thEnvironment 20 century term that which lies outside of the individual human Nature rural connotations the nonhuman world IP x A x T ImpactPopulation P x Affluence per capita consumption A x Technology TModern Scene has given way to environmental problem number of ways to harm has increased urbanization biotechnology local problems expanding magnitudefrequency increasing systemic global change global scale problems climate change issues are not static series of interlocking systems leads problems to have a domino effect Casual Factors Predisposing features of an environment which makes a system vulnerable to stressinciting factors that trigger changecontributing range of additional stressers which make the response noticeable or acute Global problem in the sense it effects global systems systematic and cumulative localglobal interconnection both for problem and solution TEMPORALSPATIAL EFFECTS Basic Dynamic individuals take resources from the environment and expel waste alright on individual level but when maxed to villagecityhumanity causes env harm humans capacity to have an impact comes from our access to energy 60x increase in energy use per capita since 5000yearsago Conceptualization we have moved into a new geological era changes are not natural rather influences by human activityanthropocentricthe reverse Spatial Location of the problem wilderness garden city wilderness untouched by humanity irrelevant if human dominatedgardens and parks cannot be wilderness if humans involved Bill McKibben the end of natureno part untouched 195060sneed to preserve can no longer thinkinG problem is herecity and solution is therewilderness ITS EVERYWHERE influence of Renaissance trading development of statesystem European colonialism globalization of productionTemporal Location we value the future less than the present but the environment needs long term commitments profound effects on credibility humans degrade the future in relation to the NOW the future has no voiceRoots in Revolutions Agricultural Revolution 10000 years ago human over human power and therefore humans over nature fixed dwellings labour specialization classstructure development Industrial Revolution production becoming centralized no market energy over manpower movement of raw materials over large spacesPlanetary Boundaries threshold vs Boundary safe distance from the threshold human activity cannot advance and remain safe transitions in the functioning of coupled humanenvironment systems from desired to undesired state 9 boundariesdetermining a boundary in interdisciplinary in the sense it combines both science and valuesnormative judgementhow much risk can we impose on the environment and upon ourselves Risk acceptability linked with benefit ex Keystone Pipeline 3 Branches of Scientific Inquiry
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