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ENV222H Lecture format Jan 18 and 20Part 1 What are the implications of human dominance of natureJan 1811Temporal and spatial trends in human impacts on natureFor another overview of impacts see Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005 Our Human Planet Summary for Decision Makers Washington Island Press1 Categorizing human impacts categorization as an aid to understanding and management the challenge of categorizing interconnected impacts categorizing by human activity eg agriculture resource extraction manufacturing transportation building design and others the special case of energy should we consider generation transportation and use of different fuels a bundle of impacts or causeVitousek et al 1997 means of categorizingland transformationglobal biogeochemistry biotic additions and lossesgrouped in two major issues climate change and loss of biological diversityMy attempt to categorize by mediumairpollution local and globalchange composition of atmospherewatertoxic pollutioninfectious disease pollutionotherbiological oxygen demand eutrophication drinking water as a special case closed system remove or add organisms or species landdelete natural functions singlecrop agriculture pave develop damage natural functions fragment habitat eg roads pollution of land water and air caused by resource extraction eg mining remove or add organisms or speciesDoes not seem to be one accepted means of categorizing impacts different forms of categorization from broad groupings to many specific impacts will be useful for different purposes 1
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