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School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

ENV222H Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies March 29 lecture see previous notesUN Global environmental outlook earths surface is warming more than 2 million people die due to air pollution the hole in the strata sphere is now the largest it has ever been per capita for fresh water is decreasing and water quality is not drinkable Ecosystems are exploited wild fish whale species natural resources The state has not been completely successful If the world were to go in a global depression if the global economy had stayed in depression we would see environmental improvement but it would be unrelated to direct efforts to protect the environment Mainstream action being taken by those in power environmental protection policy being implemented by states at the international and domestic level improvements to firm environmental management actions to reduce impacts being taken in civil society taken together these can be categorized as followsThe Montreal Protocolthe most successful of the multi lateral environmental agreement Ie Banning CFCs Relatively low cost very specific There has been successful global actions using environmental laws to address global problems Weakness with states the dont have to participate they can drop out at anytime weakening of standards because there is no global government These international agreements are not implement by global authorities the are implemented by individual countries We need to increase the environmental protection budget Figure out ways to increase the financial budgetmaybe an international taxation ie 10 on airplanes And this money will contribute to international organizations The problem is on the agenda internationally in both north and southagree that there is a problem that needs to be acted upon The foundation of rules in the state and marketwe understand the issues what we need to do now is strengthen the tools to work on these problems Behaviour change is happening but its in the margins 22 March 31Accelerate current mainstream actionPart 5 What should we do now Reading Ontario Environment Network 1991 Sustainability As If We Mean It An Action Agenda Prepared by Ontarios Citizens Groups and Environmental Organizations Guelph Ont Ontario Environment NetworkNote students are not expected to fully digest the mass of detail in these recommendations As noted below please review Part B carefully but for the rest simply note the sectors addressed and get the general flavour of the recommendations 1
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