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29 Apr 2011

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Title/ author date summary interdisciplinary env studies /michael soule and daniel. Press 1988 environmental studies suffers from universalism it includes so much that it doesn"t really include anything; the subject matter as environment as problem seems to be holistic. Over the past 100 years, environmentalism has gone from a local problem to expansion spatially as a global problem; expansion in terms of human activity to almost all spheres of human activity. Deep ecology naess ecocentric and radical view. 19th c. individual creature - concern for domestic animals only one animal moral concern for nature limited to animal rights; domestic animal, need. 1962 concern for resource depletion, eg forests, wildlife pollution as a human health concern, in cities, eg sewage. New concern for the loss of resources; resources might be depleted and actions to save them. Silent spring; toxic chemicals as problem moral concern for nature expands to ecosystems.

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