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School of Environment
Mairi Mac Donald

ENV222 Exam Review: Normative vs analytical (population is not the most important cause bc) looking for more analytical Need to memorize authors and titles and dates and the overall subject matter of the reading some sense of the major line of argument that the author made (listing) Use the lecture notes as a guide more likely to put something on the exam that has been referred to in the notes More on the northern countries and Canada tried to be global and 10,000 years agricultural rev to present Interaction bt human and nature how do you define nature and natural and the def of environment that which is outside of oneself but is that natural? Natural and non-human extracting raw materials and using raw materials and putting them back out 5 parts interdis env studies; implications of human domination of nature (going back 10000 years chronological picture and increase in human impacts on nature settlement and then the invention of power within society; `1300-1700s: two turning points; civil society lectures: deep chronology of what was happening before WWII and after; expansion of the problem of env from local to global and in terms of human activity to the point where it is part of virtually all human activities; moral responsibility that humans now have Collin Powell if you break it you buy it- if you have that kind of power you have moral responsibility part 2: ca
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