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University of Toronto St. George
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Kate Holland

Oleninescape deaths past class society not on level of MoscowCossacks not NotespeopleIdealization of naturegrandeurWomenFathers and SonsaMountains disappointing 3x mountains everything felt1Misogyny mockedSit SRS MEN Baz FREELY HIDESOUSbWoman loft weak corruptedIN NATURE elemental wild deer2Kukshinaphysically hypocriteempty spoiled childdancecPART OF GODS HAPPY WORLD3Annaphysically attractive Condescensionorder THE WHOLE Consciousness of surroundingshunting danger bushtreeTRUTHConsciousness of surroundingsof death part4FeneckhathreeaGRASS GROW ON GRAVELukasha doesnt care about death brothers die5Katyaphysically knows PLACE and ASSERTS PLACEFULL bIndividuality of eachobliterating gnats mothsDEGREE OF HAPPIENSScEach person happiness each I AM ALIVEWomenCossacks1Anthropological vieworientalizing oriental submission physical SOCIOLOGICAL BASED Role by locationFathers and Sons2Idealized image basedwild intelligent submissive nonsense1 Moscowmany others Utshenka sister BEAUTIFULImpersonal wanted to leave empty talk indifferent3Revulsion for society womenTypejeune home year of thrift financialEgotismfine young man not like aides etc4NatureLukasha Simple Cossack Girl Want to be a Cossack in ImagesNATURE elemental lofty PART OF GODS HAPPY WORLD3NatureaPhysical attributesdeer boyish LAUGHING EYESFreedom5InaccessibleWeak corrupted NOT FOR YOU bewitching foolishoEVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IN WHICH HE HAD LIVED MOMENT no futureAND NOW RETURNING WAS FAKE6Place asserts ultimatelyCossaks indifferent revulsionHistoriosocio oHistory of placesoHereditary characteristicTheoryPractiseFathers and SonsoRoles1Reaction against hypocrisy false values do existSegregation aEnding PAVEL rigid with stupidity Nikolia exhaustion by oHarmful Russian influence repetitionCossackpeople human beingsbSitnikov throughout governor GOOD FELLOWEducation cScience right Aristocratism was right SCIENCE right cannot Could not understand no gratitude bribe prefer Beletskycontrol serfs local constable principlesoRussians ignore2Bazarov large skull knows everythingCould not understand bluntnessaDismisses emotions Fail dress Tartar response does not knowWorse than Tartars comical playing soldiersiOld story A period can depend on meAN oIrreconcilibalbeABYSS CAN OPEN WORLD ALIEn ROMANTICNature part ofiib
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