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Jessy Giroux

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SMC DEC 5 y Hoose founds a new stream of Christianity called united bretheren y Martin Luther famous for dividing Christianity assumed he was from a wealthy fam asks god to protect him and if he did he would follow god and so god protected him he had a struggling time figuring out if he was going to be saved or not he puts forth that it is through faith in Christ that we are saved comes to this conclusion after reads letters of paul 5 solas y Indulgencewhen u sin its a crime against god thru the process of repentance u r forgiven but u still have to make up for it either in this life or afterlife through purgatory becuz u must show god u r worthy of heaven and so indulgence limits the amount of repentance u have to do u have less to make it up to god so if u were to do 4 things to make it up to god with the indulgence ud have only to do 2 things indulgences are granted by the church idea behind the benefit of merit in this case it would be giving money to charity and that was considered doing a good deed y Albert of Brandenburg hires John Tensal to sell indulgences Martin get
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