SMC300 Cheat Sheet - Week 11

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12 Apr 2012

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Week 11 – Transnational and Globalization
Arab spring
Month before, article critiquing scholars and techno-enthusiasts for undue
emphasis on sns as tool for political and social action.... Describes key
characteristics of sns as inadequate for political org, weak social toes, lack of
hierarchy and comprehensive strategy
Another: fb and twitter places revolutionaries go, cyber utopians believing
Arab spring driven by social ntwk ignore real world activism
Uprisings may appear spontaneous to western, history shows tech don’t play
central role in popular regime changes
By emphasizing liberating role of tools and downplaying role of human
agency, such accounts make Americans proud of own contribution
Wikileaks responded to initial events by publishing us gov criticisms of
Tunisian regime
Nawaat website to disseminate articles by Tunisian dissidents and activists,
banned in country.... Info hub for activism, youtube frozen after report, fb
deleted for not using real name... Structures used against them
Bloggers in egypt tracking evidence on crimes and arrests, fb for street
Anonymous operation tunisia
Activists didnt spring immediately from sns, built interconnected online and
offline movements beforehand, platforms, major contributors and beneficiaries
of digital commons
Use preexisting ties to global ntwk of activists, hactivists, groups and
Goldberg - virtual/public sphere
Key criticism putting too much emphasis on western sns
Regardless of content, inherently eco quality of internet participation
contributes to production of different and under examined mode of power
extreme but sobering antidote to widespread about democratizing power of
expanding access, increase user participation -> draw more into deeply
embedded power relations
liking and reposting ad campaigns
Shirky: however minor they may seem, any tool that improve shared
awareness or group coordination can be pressed into service for political
means because freedom to act in group is political
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