SMC300 Cheat Sheet - Week 12

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12 Apr 2012
Week 12 Lecture Who owns and Profits
Big Brother Inc
Regulation/exploitation of users’ content and immaterial labour + concerns of how
data is used by authorities for widespread surveillance, bypassing established rights
and expectations, criminalizing and punishing various online practices
Increasingly involves collaboration (voluntary to enforced) between private sector
providing services/data and state authorities
Bill C-30 protecting children form internet predators acts + other lawful access
MP Toews under media fire, target of protests/hactivism campaigns revealing private
info about him, partner and personal life, helped bring in bill c-30 but indicated hasn’t
thoroughly read it + other shocking statements
Dissent can be dangerous, value of anonymity
Privacy, anonymity and politics: when/where dissent can be dangerous, how data is
tracked and used can be life or death
Systems can be used against citizens… value of privacy beyond public
Employers + facebook passwords controversy
Playful surveillance
Ellerbrock: research aims to better understand recent shift in public opinion about
privacy, associations between once-controversial surveillance tech and play (leisure,
fun) are key to unpacking shifts
Focus on automated face recognition systems: from history of marginalization of
vulnerable groups to new incarnations
More playful uses of controversial tech fundamentally altered both popular
representation and ways in which it is taken up by public… moving form an id tech
widely assoic with state control -> benign and user friendly computer applications for
pleasure, entertainment
“serious” presentation: FR troubling history, origins of various militarized id
purposes, boom following 9/11, increased funding and decreased public resistance
(CCTV, border crossings), continued difficulty in correct id, false positives, implicated in
racial profiling, design bias algorithms confused by darker skin… discrimination)
“playful” presentation: FR = personal use, diffusion thru social media, photo uploads,
digital cultural practices, easy to use, soft, controllable, consumer-oriented, feminized,
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