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SOC100H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Performativity, Glass Ceiling, Social Reproduction

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Lorne Tepperman
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Sex: The biological characteristics that define a person as male or female.
Gender: The social expectations of behaviour and appearance with that we identify with being
masculine or feminine
Social construction : The Idea that the social world consists of a number of shared
understanding about what it is meant to say behavior female richer poor that humans have
reached and reinforced overtime
Patriarchy: social or political system in which men hold power and women are largely excluded
from it
Performativity: The idea that certain social factors such as gender are socially constructed and
then acted out using words and behaviours that have come to be associated with what it means
to say male or female
Sexual double standard: the expectation that women will feel or behaves differently from men
in sexual matters
Homophobia: an overt or covert hostility toward gay and lesbian people and sometimes
stemming from an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals.
Sexual scripts : the guidelines that describes socially excepted ways of behaving when
engaging in sexual activities
Functional view rest on the idea that social relations are structured in order to allow societies
to survive equality an individual rights do not play in important role however this approach does
raise the interesting question of whether the supposed benefits of gender differentiation can be
achieved without those gendering.
Conflict theory recognizes that capitalism demand is the low cost social reproduction of work
force from one generation to the next. Families are the best and cheapest way to raise new
workers and women as mothers provide the cheapest family labour that is that women have the
job of keeping all the family earners an owners to be healthy well fed well house and well cared
for emotionally.
Conflict theorist are you that the dominant groups in our society dictate what kind of sexual
activities are defined as normal the same groups have the power to control whether certain
sexual activities will be legal or illegal considered prostitution is one example of controversial
sexual activity according to conflict theorist prostitution reflects gender any quality because of
permits Men to gain income or pleasure or both by exploiting women since the vast majority of
prostitutes are women who provide sex for men conflict theory also points resort to prostitution
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like access to legitimate means of earning the money they need in many instances the
prostitutes our children teenager drug attic so honourable people with a history of abuse.
the theory of patriarchy that men are the main and universal cause of women's oppression is
come patible with Mark this analysis that view working-class women as victims of both class and
gender oppression.
Symbolic interaction is him is concerned with the ways that gender differences become stable
gender inequalities for example how young women become commodified as sex objects they
also want to understand how the sexual double standard which is allowed men more sexual
freedom then women have been negotiated so the many women go along with an agenda the
benefits men over women
Symbolic interaction is him is interested in the social construction of gender concepts like
femininity and masculinity with the role of family schools in mass media in the propagation of
these ideas this type of gender concept encourages genders to compete for power such as
male against other males and subordinate women to control fears and gentler emotions.
Intersectionality theory: the theory that an individuals experience of disadvantage stemming
from one dimension of inequality example race is shaped by the way and combines with other
social factors such as sex gender sexuality disability etc.
Different types of feminism:
Liberal- believes men and women are essentially the same concerned primarily with equal
Marxist believes women are the first exploited class subordination of women comes with the
advent of private property
Radical believes men and women are different patriarchy is not specific to capitalism rather it is
Socialist combines Marcus and radical feminism
Anti-racist/ post-Modern: criticizes essentialism and other feminism is not all women are the
same and there's no single source of any quality some men and women sure oppression and
complex ways
Glass ceiling: any acknowledge sex-based barrier to equal opportunity for hiring and promotion
within the workplace
The Double Ghetto is an influential book on women's paid and unpaid work and I just
sociologist cut Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong show that most Canadian women are so created
and jobs that are less secure last will pay to those of average Canadian men
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