SOC202H1 Midterm: Hypothesis testing

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11 Mar 2012

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Relax god is in control : belief that god is an involved, interested, and influential force in everyday life; God controls the events and outcomes of one"s life. Comparison: sociology is about commparisons, we are trying to build a case against the null hypothesis. Null hypothesis can be expressed in a variety of ways. Studying has no relationship with getting good marks. Scientific predictions involve the measurement of two or more phenomena and then carefully examining the ways those things are tied together ( covary ); A statistical relationship: the measurements of one variable tend to consistently fluctuate with the measurements of the other, making one variable a good predictor of the other. Two-group difference of means test (t-test): example 1: you need to consider: how long have people had that belief? (important!, the group of believers have a lot of variance within it because there is a lot of.

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