SOC214H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 53 pages long!)

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29 Mar 2018

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Definitions of & theoretical approaches to studying (cid:498)family(cid:499) Structural functionalist: the first approach believes that the nuclear family role is the best one there is because it performs certain family functions to the best of their ability. Feminist critique and contribution experiences these issues that are prevalent in families experiences in marriage. Is the nuclear family universal: anthropologists have broad definitions of family, one of the things missing from the nuclear family definition is that it doesn(cid:495)t. Cross-cultural evidence on family patterns (based on the reading edholm(cid:495)s study(cid:524) There is nothing universal about the nuclear family mention people who live together. Families in pre-industrial europe & the developmental of modern family patterns. Family in medieval (feudal) england 5th 14th century. The (cid:498)domestic mode of production(cid:499) or the (cid:498)family economy(cid:499) peasants & In marriage choice, where children lived: marriage, prerequisite: land/a trade for man, a dowry for woman.