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CONTROL THEORIES1242012 40500 PMText focuses on situational control and less on traditional control theories I EXTERNAL CONTROL THEORIES A IntroductionAlbert Reesecommunity and personal controls to explain delinquency BIG BANANA was HirschiPublished book Causes of Delinquency He took a Freudian approachbelieved the interesting question wasnt WHY kids commit delinquent acts but WHY DONT THEY ALL Why doesnt everyone get involved in crimeB Hirschi and the Social BondSocial bonds individuals establish with society Prevent kids to complete delinquent behaviour1 Attachment Persons sensitivityand interest in others Most important to parentspeersschools Put emphasis on PARENTAL ATTACHMENT2 CommitmentTime youth spend on conventional activities school work prosocial goals in life 3 InvolvementClosely relatedInvolvement in school and other conventional institutions religious organizations clubs etc 4 BeliefSharing common moral beliefsBelieving in right and wrongPeople went out to test this theory Test of 4000 high school students in California For the most part the theory was strongly supported with regard to PARENTAL ATTACHMENT and PROSOCIAL COMMITMENT Problems What if the parents are involvedo Youre really attached to your parents but theyre doing illegal thingso Same with peers what if youre attached with them and theyre delinquentso He thought of the STRENGTH of the bonds but not when it involved antiindividuals We know less about which bond is most important Does educational fail cause delinquency or do you become delinquent by lacking attachment to school Parental attachments weaken over course of adolescence How does this theory explain GENDER DIFFERENCES o We know girls are less involved in delinquency than boyso Girls more likely to have STRONG ATTACHMENTo Not a lot of research that shows girls are more strongly bonded than boys are C Hagans Power Control Theory of Delinquency Potential for control to explain gender differences in delinquency 2 aspects social class and family control1 Positions of power in the workplace impact relations in the householdPower in workplace influences how parents socialize their kids and has an effect on the household How they raise boys and girlsaffects the childs taste for risks and delinquencya Unbalanced patriarchal familiesDads the king of the hill in the house husband is employed in positions of authority wife doesnt measure up to this b Balanced egalitarian families Husband and wives have equal status jobs high positionhigh authority jobs OR they could both have lower class jobs but still equal in rank There is no dad and mom is raising kids on her own
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