SOC101Y1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Ageism, Slacktivism, Hyperreality

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8 Oct 2017

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Sociology is the systematic study of human action in context. Characterizing idea: our relations with other people not only create opportunities for us to think and act, but also set limits on our thoughts and actions. Agency: the ability for individuals to make choices. Structure: how social location(s) enables and constrains the types of opportunities we do have and strongly in uences the choices that we make. Neoliberal subject: the idea that every subject has the same political, social, and economic opportunities. Under this view, inequalities are the outcomes of decisions made by families and individuals, and are not accounted for by broader structural patterns. Meritocracy myth: the idea that our life outcomes are solely the result of our own individual efforts and actions. Sociologists are most interested in patters, visible at the level of individual choices and interactions, in the formation and in uence of various groups, and in the form and impact of broader institutions.