SOC101Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Chris Farley, Art Music, Feedback

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Roll Over Beethoven Study Notes
- Everyone’s A Winner: Music as a Cultural Industry
o The music industry controls an uncertain marketplace by using marketing
strategies and regulating copyright
o The music industry has many different facets
o Music has an economic importance that is more noticeable than just record
o The Mass Media is driven by capitalism in an attempt to maximize profit
o Reproducing material is not expensive whereas producing a master copy is
o Entertainment industries expand their market share and create new products so
that the cultural commodity resists homogenization
o Culture industries are in competition for limited disposable income
o These industries are dependent on the spending power of youth
o In the recording industry, meg a sellers make up a large amount of the profits
for the entire industry
o There a
o re major record labels that control the entire industry and smaller independent
labels are often linked to these major labels through distribution deals
o Concentration detracts from diversity in the recording industry because record
labels choose a formula that works and is popular and stick to it
o Independent labels are often more flexible and innovative in their recordings
o Independent bands are often raw and authentic compared to overproduced
major bands
o The Internet has contributed to the spread of different types of music
o The Internet provides opportunities for illegal downloading
o Online music
o Copyright laws play an important role in the downloading of music and record
o Marketing plays an important role in the culture industries
o Aesthetics to sell a product
- Claiming Amadeus: Classical Feedback in American Media
o Mozart is the soundtrack to many prolific scenes in Hollywood movies and
TV shows
o Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is his greatest hit is considered the most
recognizable sound in American media
o Western art music contributed to cinematic meaning in movies even before
soundtracks were invented because it lacked copyright
o People began to connect these classical works with scenes in movies they
associated them with
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o Association with music and image
o The use of the same piece of music in varying scenes in different movies
creates different associations for everyone
o In the mid nineteenth century, classical music was a popular art form for
everyone not just the privileged elite
o The use of classical music in movies has great social significance
o The cultural meanings that individuals bring to the movie encourages
particular meanings for soundtrack music; these associations come from the
film representation of these events
o The Feedback loop of popular culture: we associate pre-existing music with
cinematic events and films
o Mozart’s Requiem has been culturally coded to mean gothic choral aesthetic
and to represent something that is dark
o To understand how cultural meanings become cinematic meanings we must
observe other secondary meanings of the work
o Mozart’s Requiem is sometimes representative of the end of the film
o Mozart’s Requiem can cause revulsion in some people when used in certain
o Mozart’s music has been cinematically coded to create different meanings
o The Mozart Effect: a specific type of the feedback loop
o Mozart has become code for snobbery
- Gender, Power and a Cucumber: Satirizing Masculinity in This is Spinal Tap
o Heavy Metal emphasizes male power
o Heavy Metal’s image of masculinity is a fabrication
o Spinal Tap makes fun of the heavy metal industry
o In This is Spinal Tap, women are seen as interfering with male culture
- Remote Control: Legal Censorship of the Creative Process
o The most well- known examples of legal censorship of pop music is state
control over material that they deem as offensive or inappropriate
o Some material creates issue with both statutory and common law in regards to
public morality and decency
o Does legal control over musicians take away their rights to creative license?
o This is done through copyright and legal censorship against the creative
o People are more willing to infringer on intellectual property such as burning a
disk than physical property because it is easy to separate the rights of the
original owner when there isn’t a physical item being infringed upon
o Copying a CD doesn’t feel like a property infringement
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