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Robert Brym

Roll Over Beethoven Study Notes - Everyone’s A Winner: Music as a Cultural Industry o The music industry controls an uncertain marketplace by using marketing strategies and regulating copyright o The music industry has many different facets o Music has an economic importance that is more noticeable than just record sales o The Mass Media is driven by capitalism in an attempt to maximize profit o Reproducing material is not expensive whereas producing a master copy is o Entertainment industries expand their market share and create new products so that the cultural commodity resists homogenization o Culture industries are in competition for limited disposable income o These industries are dependent on the spending power of youth o In the recording industry, meg a sellers make up a large amount of the profits for the entire industry o There a o re major record labels that control the entire industry and smaller independent labels are often linked to these major labels through distribution deals o Concentration detracts from diversity in the recording industry because record labels choose a formula that works and is popular and stick to it o Independent labels are often more flexible and innovative in their recordings o Independent bands are often raw and authentic compared to overproduced major bands o The Internet has contributed to the spread of different types of music o The Internet provides opportunities for illegal downloading o Online music o Copyright laws play an important role in the downloading of music and record industries o Marketing plays an important role in the culture industries o Aesthetics to sell a product - Claiming Amadeus: Classical Feedback in American Media o Mozart is the soundtrack to many prolific scenes in Hollywood movies and TV shows o Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is his greatest hit is considered the most recognizable sound in American media o Western art music contributed to cinematic meaning in movies even before soundtracks were invented because it lacked copyright o People began to connect these classical works with scenes in movies they associated them with o Association with music and image o The use of the same piece of music in varying scenes in different movies creates different associations for everyone o In the mid nineteenth century, classical music was a popular art form for everyone not just the privileged elite o The use of classical music in movies has great social significance o The cultural meanings that individuals bring to the movie encourages particular meanings for soundtrack music; these associations come from the film representation of these events o The Feedback loop of popular culture: we associate pre-existing music with cinematic events and films o Mozart’s Requiem has been culturally coded to mean gothic choral aesthetic and to represent something that is dark o To understand how cultural meanings become cinematic meanings we must observe other secondary meanings of the work o Mozart’s Requiem is sometimes representative of the end of the film o Mozart’s Requiem can cause revulsion in some people when used in certain contexts o Mozart’s music has been cinematically coded to create different meanings culturally o The Mozart Effect: a specific type of the feedback loop o Mozart has become code for snobbery - Gender, Power and a Cucumber: Satirizing Masculinity in This is Spinal Tap o Heavy Metal emphasizes male power o Heavy Metal’s image of masculinity is a fabrication o Spinal Tap makes fun of the heavy metal industry o In This is Spinal Tap, women are seen as interfering with male culture - Remote Control: Legal Censorship of the Creative Process o The most well- known examples of legal censorship of pop music is state control over material that they deem as offensive or inappropriate o Some material creates issue with both statutory and common law in regards to public morality and decency o Does legal control over musicians take away their rights to creative license? o This is done through copyright and legal censorship against the creative process o People are more willing to infringer on intellectual property such as burning a disk than physical property because it is easy to separate the rights of the original owner when there isn’t a physical item being infringed upon o Copying a CD doesn’t feel like a property infringement o What is classed as copyright? This varies in different countries o How do we judge when a new work is a copy? o A license is needed to cover a song ( licensing agencies provide permission to do so o Sometimes people do not subscribe to the blanket copyrighting system and are therefore have to be contacted directly when an artist chooses to cover the song o To sample parts of songs in a work the artist must contact the owner of the original work wanting to be used o What constitutes as a substantial part of a work in sampling? If something is classed as this it is considered an infringement o Sampling Disputes Panel: a panel would study cases of dispute among artists and determine what they deemed a fair split of royalties o Publishing and recording copyrights o Some companies wish to control their artist’s creative abilities by saying that they cannot change their musical style for fear that it will result in lost record sales o Record companies also sometimes attempt to control everything that an artist does musically o Some music contracts prevent an artist from working with the material after the contract ends o Are parodies allowed to use more of a work they are sampling than serious artists are? - Total Recall: Music and Memory in the Time of YouTube o Chris Farley Syndrome: amateurs using YouTube to broadcast themselves to the world o Advances in technology allow people to store more on their computers than they could before and share stuff quicker; this stuff stays on the Internet sometimes forever o YouTube allows us to store these memories but it is not necessarily beneficial o Advances in the internet allows Total Recall of the past o This is also true in the case of music because whereas music libraries were limited in the past to what was readily available in stores and record companies deleted music from their history the internet makes all the music ever recorded readily available at low cost o The same thing occurs with movies o Post Broadcasting: leaving behind the dominance of big TV networks or postmodern o Videos are now easily available rather than being traded by fans in the back of magazines o Audio clips are also easily available on YouTube o The ability to jump within and between clips on YouTube allows for less focus o Older material is now easily available o Billboard divides music up into current and catalogue categories of music within these catalogue is divided up into
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