SOC101Y1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 115 pages long!)

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30 Nov 2017

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A: systematic study of human action in context. Other answers: why people make the choices they make, how and what people feel, think, want, etc. , as it appears in particular history, cultural, economic, and social contexts. Agency: freedom to make one"s own choices. Education: structure = lack of transportation, agency = inner desire to overcome disadvantages. Critique of neo-liberal subject : the idea that we have 100% agency. Opportunities and constraints are not evenly distributed, agency and structure co- exist. Democratic revolution 18th c. : encouraged the view that human action could effect change within society. Industrial revolution 19th c. : provided subject matter to sociologist (i. e. population density, urbanization, rationalization, secularization, globalization, etc. ) Sociological perspective: general in the particular , identifying social patterns amongst individuals; society acts differently towards different categories of people. Links seemingly private problems to social issues. Sociological imagination: the need to understand the effect of society on yourself and others in order to better maneuver through society.

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