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Week 3= Antecedents by Audrey Smedley article and When Worlds Collide video Antecedents - Britain o 16thC Protestant Revolution= enhanced the power of monarchy and created divisions and conflicts among the noble, gentry, and aristocracy o 16thC Rise of capitalism= bourgeoisie VS proletariat, entrepreneurial spirit, private property, leaving towns for city work, working class made bulk of population o Ethnocentrism= British VS Irish, upsetting when some British “went native” (British set up laws to help stop British assimilation to Irish culture), Irish seen as savages, not utilizing their land for agriculture instead using it for livestock, live with their animals, seen as dirty and heathen even though they were Christian, British wanted Irish lands and when confiscating Irish lands, many English leaders regularly killed women and children= could accuse the English of genocide? - Catholic Spain o Spain was diverse= Jews and Christians and Muslims living together, Iberian Peninsula, rise of Christian kingdoms 15thC, Isabella and Ferdinand= Spanish Inquisition (conversion of Jews and Muslims to Christianity or you can leave the country), conversos under suspicion, Spanish= Jewishness and Moorishness is biological When Worlds Collide Video - Creation of the Mestizo - The New world was the world of the indigenous people of the Americas, and the Old world was of the Europeans. Ferdinand and Isabella became king and queen of Spain. o The dye for the colour red was easily made in the New world when in the Old world it was an expensive dye that only the rich could afford. New crops transformed the world and changed our diets, and the indigenous people also had gold and silver, which the Spanish cared more about. Natives and African slaves were forced to mine for more gold when they ran out of gold in Spain. - They domesticated corn, tomatoes, and potatoes - Caste system present in the Old World, was applied to the New World. o This social hierarchy was based on ancestry and the 'purity' of blood. Race and ethnicity became an integral part of people's identity like never before. Social consequences such as access to education, careers and other life choices were dictated by one's racial profile. The main reason for this was because the need to control the native population and to enslave them for the accumulation of the great resources in the New World. - Europeans enforcing their ideologies onto the indigenous people of the Americas. S - Struggle between "God vs. Gold" - There is a possibility of becoming “pure” in the few ge
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