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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

Social Learning TheoriesCareful scientific procedures and methodology that characterize the behaviourist approachAlbert BanduraBorn in small town AlbertaPolish decentOnly son with 5 sistersInterested in the role of modelling led him to explore the components underlying observational behaviourDid the Bobo Doll studyHuman behaviour is due to the interplay of cognitive behavioural and environmental factorsAn Agentic PerspectiveAgentic perspective emerges in Banduras sociocognitive view of personalityEarlier learning theories depended on principles of reinforcement to account for how human behaviour is developed or changed Bandura viewed people as agents or originators of experienceHuman agency is the ability to act and make things happen Personal agency occurs within a larger network of sociostructural influences in which people construct and are constructed by social systemsHuman agency entailsoIntentionality enables us to behave purposefullyoForethought permits us to anticipate outcomesoReactiveness the ability to reflect on our thoughts and behaviour and make changes as neededThe agentic self is socially constructed through experiences in the environmentRecognizes the self as agent of actions
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