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Possible Short-Essay Questions and Answers Work and Family Since 1960s, employment rate has slightly declined for men whereas dramatically increased for married women, as such, 23 of families of Canada consist of dual-earner couples in present society. As such, balancing work and family has become an important issue because since most individuals do not have enough time to perform both roles. In relation to this issue, Hochschild has argued that the roles of home and work are reversed as workplace has become more rewarding and interesting, and emotionally supportive whereas home has become a stressful place where there is too much to do within a little time. The five work-family balance models are reversed model (mostly for professional and managerial jobs with desirable workplace environment), haven model (low paid blue-collar jobs with little community supports), traditional model (a typical gendered sphere for men as breadwinner and women as housewives), no-job and weak- family model in which families are unemployed or laid off, and workfamily balance model which takes advantages of family-friendly policies and make efforts to balance two domains. Couples and Network Although family and marriage is weakening in general, marital bonds are still the most central and important bonds among all social ties. When a couple is married, the two networks from each spouse, including relatives and friends are embedded in marital bond, and the size of network increases. The members of these social networks actively engage in exchanges such as financial and psychological support to each other. When a couple undergoes structural change as a family, such as divorce and remarriage, the network also changes. In terms of divorce, matricentral networks are usually reinforced when da
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