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Irving Zeitlin

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Marx & Weber Part 1
3 components/elements to Marx's theory
1.Student of Hegel / Hegelian thinking
oMember of the Young Hegelians
oWas Hegel's best student b/c he has internalized dialectical thinking
2.French Socialism (Sainte-Simon)
3.English Classical economics (English political economcy) -> esp IMP!
oAdam Smith
oDavid Ricardo
oJames Mill
oCapital is about trying to explain the system emerged and works
oAlienation/dehumanizing/degrading system
oMarx a political refugee, acquired refuge in Britain
Was a philosophical idealist
oTheory of forms
oAn idealist (he) believes Reason, Spirit, Immanent
Partially influenced by BOTH the Enlightenment and Romantic-Conservatism
Marx: Cannot step into the river twice (or ONCE) -> a metaphor for the universe ->
everything is in a state of flux
oIn addition, WAR is the father of all things
War in the generic sense: conflict among human, human are divided
against each other
"History is a slaughter bench"
Development means overcoming internal contradiction (in order to reach a higher
oAnalyzing different epochs
The Utilitarian "lassiex-faire" (leave it alone)
Sainte-Simon recognized defects in the system
oCannot say capitalism yet cause Marx coined it
oClass conflict was evident
Saint-Simon + other thinkers decided that the only way to overcome/avoid the
defects of this system is to have rational planning of the economy
oInfluenced by Newton and scientists
oThe planners should be the scientist and to be an authoritarian and elitist
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