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University of Toronto St. George
Irving Zeitlin

Marx & Weber Part 1 3 componentselements to Marxs theory 1. Student ofHegel Hegelian thinking o Member of the Young Hegelians o Was Hegels best student bc he has internalizeddialectical thinking 2. French Socialism (Sainte-Simon) 3. English Classical economics (English political economcy) -> esp IMP! o Adam Smith o David Ricardo o James Mill o Capital is about trying to explain the system emerged and works o Alienationdehumanizingdegrading system o Marx a political refugee, acquired refuge in Britain HEGEL Was a philosophical idealist o Theory of forms o An idealist (he) believes Reason, Spirit, Immanent Partially influenced by BOTH the Enlightenment and Romantic-Conservatism Marx: Cannot step into the river twice (or ONCE) -> a metaphor for the universe -> everything is in a state of flux o In addition, WAR is the father of all things War in the generic sense: conflict among human, human are divided against each other History is a slaughter bench Development means overcoming internal contradiction (in order to reach a higher state) o Analyzing different epochs SOCIALISM The Utilitarian lassiex-faire (leave it alone) Sainte-Simon recognized defects in the system o Cannot say capitalism yet cause Marx coined it o Class conflict was evident Saint-Simon + other thinkers decided that the only way to overcomeavoid the defects of this system is to have rational planning of the economy o Influenced by Newton and scientists o The planners should be the scientist and to be anuthoritarian and elitist system
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