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Irving Zeitlin

soc203 january 17 Marx -one of the greatest contributions marx makes is in the area of historical sociology -3 component elements of Marxs theory -the first is hegel- he was a student of hegels -Marx internalized the dialectical way of thinking -the second component is french socialism (st. simon and others) -the third component is english political economy- adam smith, david ricardo, james mill, Malthus -Marx took political refuge in england for 30 years -hegel believed that Reason and Spirit immanent -hegel realized that nothing is static and the fact that everything is in flux was fundamental to his thinking -Marx would say it is unreasonable to send people into an unnecessary war -Development for hegel means overcoming an internal contradiction -the utilitarians had said that you should practice laissez faire -the historical truth is that it never really worked that way anywhere -St. Simon and other thinkers decided that the only way to overcome the defects of the current system was to have rational planning of the economy. And the planners should be the scientists. And its to be an authoritarian elitist system -Is it possible to have a democr
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