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SOC101Y1 notes on gender inequality, health and aging and term test 3 tutorial

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Brym

Sociology class 10 gender inequality 2102012 15600 PMFilm 1 women came into the Canadian workforce in large Main pointnumbers Sociopolitical forces brought women into the workforce Film 2 Main point In Canada women earn less than men even if they work in the same sectors or even in the same jobsWomen earn in Canada 71 of what men earn for fullyear fulltime workWomen with university degrees do better employed fullyearfull time earn 74 of what men earn for full year Canada has the largest wagegap between women and men fulltime workersA statistics Canada study found that the major factor in the wage gap is the presence of children rather than age marriage or educationEven when womens poverty rate is at its lowest 1 in 7 women lives below the poverty line in one of the wealthiest countries in the world Four social mechanisms that reinforce gender inequalityJob discrimination Occupational segregation Percent women in labor force by major occupational categories1987 2006 Managerial301 to 363 Professional 504 559 Clerical and administrative73975 Sales and service552568 Primary industries197205 Trades transport construction5265Processing manufacturing and utilities324 311More and more women have been working in the labour force Paid and unpaid work men and women 2554 years 19852005Men more discretionary and women less discretionary At the 19762008 rate of improvement womens earnings will equal mens earnings in 2088Marital status ratio of male to female earnings 19762008 Women who arent married have a much higher paid ratio than married women Skills involved in womens work are often undervalued as compared to the skills involved in mens work Teachers among the poorest paid in Canada How we pay people is a symbolic sign of how we value the work3 structural policieschanges in distribution of power 1 quota setting 2 equal pay for equal work education and experience required to do a particular job and level of stress associated with the job Men receive equal pay for equal value even if they did different jobs 3 Affordable accessible high quality childcare opposition due to the expense Public spending on family benefits 2005 cash services tax breaks as percent of GDP france UK Sweden germany Austrailia among the best Canada among the worst Child care in Canada by province7000 on average in Canada to 1200 per child in quebec Participation ratewomen with children less than 6 taux dactivite About a fifth of women are mps women in national parliaments in 2009 in percent n147nordiac countries the highest then north thAmerica Canada is 47221 and world mean is 186 Politics defined by confrontation and dominance Woman have limited access to political resources Women also discourage to run you will get more money for your money if you get more womenGains won by the womens movementraised awareness and started the discussion about the situation of many women The right to vote enfranchises you in the citizenry Equal rights in the CDN charter of rights and freedoms
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