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Soc202 feb 9 Interviewing and groups. Gather information how do we know what to look for, what is relevant and what is not relevant, always making decisions what do we base it on when doing research base it on hypothesis, what is hypothesis about, research question hypothesis or theory what relates to it determines what is relevant, start research without well defined question what Is going on in the field and looking for an issue, better defined the research question is or theory the better the research will be Where do you go looking for research where data is and where to look for it, where to look for it 6 sources of documentation, participant participation physical artifacts etc, do research more than one source of info may use one source, might use interviews part obseravton and what people are doing in specific, archival sources, research not based on one signal type or source of information , as you do ur research think working on 1 topic or 1 sources, and then find that the data leads you somewhere else, allow data to guide research or work, lead by the data not preconceived idea, all combined to make complete picture or as complete as could be Interviews, the author talk about dramagernic he gets to theatrical as use to drama , 3 types and structure unstructured and semistructured, 3 types,, structured set of questions that deviate from example surveys answrs and q standaridixed that kind is su
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