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University of Toronto St. George
Sheldon Ungar

Sociology January 13 , 2011. Gender Inequality New Society Ch. 7 Fact that gender is largely learned and that its content is continually altered through social interact had three implications: 1. Gender identities and behaviours are not stable and fixed. What people take to be masculinefeminine varies bw societies, and win any given society, over time 2. Gender identitiesinternalized sense of being manwomanand gender specific behaviours need not be congruent w the sex assigned to individuals at birth 3. Just like sexuality and sex, gender identities and behaviours are not polar opposites; there are degrees of masculinity and femininity Three Dimensions of Inequality : Power; Material well-being involves access to economic resources necessary to pay for food, clothing, housing, and other possessions and advantages. 2 important sources of material well being: work related earnings and accumulated wealth; and Prestige Social scarification classification of persons into groups based on shared socio- economic conditions leads to gender inequality Feminist Theories Marxism derived from
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