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Sheldon Ungar

Sociology February 9 , 2011. Crime & Deviance New Society Ch. 14 Deviance breaking a norm John Hagan Norm violations can be differentiated by how serious they are by 3 different measure of seriousness: (1) how harmful the act in question is deemed to be, (2) how much agreement there is that the behaviour in question is wrong, and (3) the severity of the sanction, or punishment, imposed on that behaviour Labeling theorists publicly recognizing someone as criminal or deviant is important cause of criminal or deviant behaviour Social constructionism also same as labeling approach, however social constructionism is broadly concerned w all kinds of social problems, whereas labeling theory applies specifically to crime and deviance Strain theory crime and deviance are result of societal pressures to break rules relate to Durkheims anomies, where anomie exists when norms governing behaviour are vaguely defined th Merton modified the concept to explain patterns of crime and deviance in 20 century Merton all societies establish culturally approved goals for their members and socially approved means of achieving those goals Imbalance bw goals and means creates stress for lower class people, may want things but lack legitimate means of ach
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