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University of Toronto St. George

Ethnogrpahy in the field filed work speaking with people informal interview issues in ethnography getting accessed to often negotiated to setting and renegotiated sensitive nature in their social livesiticla rtribal group in Africa to street kid son younge and dundas and mentall health hospital, any setting in their experiencing what socialsetting id like from social group, getting in you participate not sit and observe, u learn more. Aided by litereature search what others did to get in, protect thes usnject from harm and injury not easy accessible population suchh as graffiti artists. Reason hard to accessed if liability no way get caught or tell on them, gain consent whter u do overt research I am out there or covert dont tell not what is going on, ethical complications, more likely abuse rights of research subjects, but tearoom trade only way to get information social or sci benefit, overt u can be open why asking questions but limit answers. Research has to consider raw data not at face calue what they say is tru always change the truth apperar favourable, analyzing it may require verification or corrabation. Participating or use computer etc. Cnat be a fly on the wall, role u play as researcher, careful as ethnographgy, reflexive such as what ur biases are. Not describe but to improve goal orientated. Calls intoresearchrer objectivit, problematic goal to be on then correct ow affect population you are researching, obviously political implications advocacy is politics not science. Sci moved by data not bias Frame of mind is crucial have success or not how u think to start ou with, ap
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