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United way came up with 19 social issues, ranked 1st youth issue, affordable housing,
settlement and economic integration on new comer, lack of agency resources, poverty and
income disparity, senior issues, community issue, employment, community space, crime,
children and family issues, social exclusion, transportation issues, womens issues, policing,
drugs and alcohol abuse, lack of business involvement in the community, racism, violence
Book topics put on blackboard
Ask how or why not if. Bc quantitative analysis is if, end up with correlation, correlation
not be meaningful at all just coincidental not cause and effect and explaining is where u
make the link,
Topic of the day
Unobtrusive measures in research
What does it mean?
Defn, inconspicuous or not noticeable, not dealing with people directly, observation not
meaningful unless you have more information on those who you observing
List of 6 source of evidence,
Book looks at archival records but look at newspaper researches, since 1990 newspapers
enter stories databases that universities subscribe to, new York times all articles from
1800s source of historical material
A lot of archives around, organization in Ontario, 200 institutional member of the archives
institution of Ontario,
A lot of archives or public, public archival data actuarial records such as death and births,
and official documentary records, actuarial generated by insurance and or accounting
Private archives solicited or unsolicited documents created for specific audiences, home
movies, artistic and creative artifacts
Articles look at source material used, such as books unpublished manuscripts and special
Not find theory in newspaper article or court decisions
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