SOC101Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Premarital Sex, Compulsory Heterosexuality, Casual Sex

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18 Apr 2012

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Born male but due to malpractice had sex reassignment to female (dr. money) and @ age 7 went back into male. Biological sex born with distinct male or female genitalia & genetic programming that released hormones to stimulate development of your reproductive system. Humans have 46 chromosomes have unusual 46th chromosome pattern. 14th week of conception= b or g. Not just biological also feelings sex is not the same as gender! Gender role how m or f are supposed to act. Transgendered people gender identity biological sex (1/5,000-10,000. Transsexual believe that they in the wrong body (1/30,000 canadians) Sex reassignment is sad to work up to 18 months of birth. Sexuality activities leading to erotic arousal & produce genital response. Sexual behaviour is guided by sexual scripts scripts are related to gender roles. & are entirely natural (comes from human physiology) men want physical, Homosexuality termed in 1860 & considered a serious psychiatric disorder until 1974.

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