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Christian O.Caron

SOC101Y1 Test 2 Study GuideChapter 4 Gender and Sexuality BRENDADAVID REIMERBorn male but due to malpractice had sex reassignment to female Dr Money andage 7 went back into maleDEFINING MALEFEMALE SEXGENDERBiological sexborn with distinct male or female genitaliagenetic programming that released hormones to stimulate development of your reproductive system th Humans have 46 chromosomeshave unusual 46 chromosome pattern th 14 week of conception b or g FEMALE MALE Chromosomal pattern XX XY GonadalOvaries Testes Hormonal EstrogenAndrogen AndrogenEndogen MIH Sex Organs Uterus fallopian tube Epididymis Vas Deferens vagina clitoris labia Seminal vesicles prostate penis scrotum NOT JUST BIOLOGICAL ALSO FEELINGS Sex is not the same as genderSexBiological GenderFeelings behaviours etc Gender IdentityGender roleHow M or F are supposed to actTransgendered peoplegender identitybiological sex 1500010000 CanadiansTranssexualbelieve that they in the wrong body 130000 Canadians WHO transgendered people suffer from psychiatric disorderSex Reassignment is sad to work up to 18 months of birthSexualityactivities leading to erotic arousalproduce genital response Sexual behaviour is guided by sexual scriptsscripts are related to gender rolesare entirely natural comes from human physiology Men want physical Women want emotional connectionHOMOSEXUALITYtermed in 1860considered a serious psychiatric disorder until 1974Compulsory HeterosexualityPeople assuming individuals should only desire members of opposite sexFEMINISTS heterosexuality puts all women at a disadvantage bc it is based on unequal economic political legal and social relations between men and women Not womens heterosexuality practices to criticize but the institution of heterosexuality a system of MALE DOMINATION
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