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22 Mar 2011

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Pragmatic greek practical America was very practical, very practical
Theory and practice, our common sense taken for granted activities to survive
Purse was founder how to make our ideas clear, how do we, pragmatis wanted to teach us ,
critical common sensism
Human beings very beginning engage in practice and theory
Practice what they had to do make a living and go about their business trial and error had
to learn by experience
We are fallable in one way or another, saving grace we are are corregable, want to
opportunity to correct our mistakes,
Theory learn from experience need to reflect from experience make mistakes over and over,
Human error, point being
Practice without theory is blind, theory without practice is powerless, and if irt doesnt
enlighten us in everyday life
Every childs education is informed by both theory and practice
Theory is thinking we do or reflection upon experience so he doenst have to go therough it
Very beginning try to reflect in experience sufficiently not make same mistakes
Habit, doubt impulse
Shower sdont need to think about it
One day doesnt open, hurry impulse pull handle off, big problem, child do that
Chikd do it man do it impulsive mode
What is the solution pragmatics argue, dont believe epistemological gulf between scholars
and common ppl
One way of learning, ur theory has to be tested by practice no other criteria or standard,
good practical results
Theory more than quessing, more enlightening, possibility theory will fail us, or hanbitual
attitude of opening will fail prags say stop and think bc doubt sinks in,
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