SOC101Y1 Study Guide - Cultural Relativism, Cultural Survival, Greenpeace

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25 Apr 2012

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All human culture begins with little rituals (set of practices, symbols, tool that fulfills us and lower our anxieties) Unique to one that creates them. (differ from religion and technology which are widely shared. ) Culture - transmitted from generation to generation- collective. Cultures can only be shared if people interact in a society. Culture can only be transmitted through interaction, communication and learning. The sum of socially transmitted ideas, practices, and material objects that people create to overcome real-life problems. Culture gives us guidelines for how to act. Culture exists only when it fulfills human needs. Hard to realize it when we are immersed in one. Abstraction: ability to create ideas or ways of thinking. (symbols that carry important meanings such as languages, signs and mathematical notations) Cooperation: capacity to establish a complex social life by creating norms. Production: using tools to acquire what we need from nature. (such tools and techniques- known as material culture ).

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